Can you mix woods when smoking?

Posted at 1:49 pm on 12/24/2019 by Ken Theobald
​Wood chips or chunks used for smoking usually fall into three categories.  The nut woods such as hickory, oak, pecan, and beechnut.  The fruit woods like cherry, apple, and peach.  And then the specialty woods such as mesquite, maple, and cedar.

Smoking is not an exact science which allows for a great deal of creativity in the smoking process.  We have many chef customers that send us their own proprietary blends of wood that they prefer.  You can combine any number of  species of wood chips to make a custom smoke flavor that is uniquely yours.

As an added tip for more flavor-able smoke, all wood of the same species are not the same.  It seems to be common knowledge that wood from the colder climates have more density than those grown in year-round warm weather.

A quick study of wood moisture contents and weight
shows that northern woods have a higher density (4%-28%) than their southern counterparts.

The bottom line to all of this is simple:  The greater the density of wood, the more smoke, and the more smoke the more flavor!  All of the wood from Flame Grilling Products is native to Maine or New England.

Flame Grilling Products is a three generation family business operating out of the expanded family farmstead in Brooks, Maine.

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