Flame Grilling Products partners with ChefEx

Posted at 10:50 am on 08/04/2016

Flame Grilling Products Partners with ChefEx to Offer National Distribution of Griling Woods

Hope, Maine March 10, 2014 - Kenneth Theobald, President and founder of Flame Grilling Products announced today that they have partnered with Sysco's ChefEx program to offer grilling woods toChefEx customers throughout the U.S.

According to their website, ChefEx is Sysco’s exclusive direct delivery program which offers the highestquality artisan and gourmet products. These products are produced for Chefs and are shipped directlyfrom the manufacturer to customers-often made to order-for the utmost in quality and freshness.ChefEx products provide romance and uniqueness for chefs who want to “WOW” their customers.

Flame Grilling Products manufactures ten different varieties of chips, chunks, grilling planks in either thetraditional rectangle or our unique ovals. “While cedar is our most popular wood for grilling planks,apple, sugar maple, beechnut, hickory, mountain mesquite, black cherry, northern olive, and yellowalder are also available. Also, all of our varieties come in high quality chips and chunks for smoking andgrilling,” according to Mr. Theobald.

Flame Grilling Product’s commitment to ChefEx is “quality out the door in twenty-four” which is inkeeping with both company’s service to customer dedication.

Contact: Kenneth Theobald

431 Camden Rd, Suite A

Hope, Maine 04847


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