Grilling chips on your electric grill

Posted at 4:32 pm on 09/26/2016 by Kenneth Theobald
First of all, grilling chips are supposed to burn/smoke to flavor your entrée.  Therefore, forget about soaking them before using.  Normal grilling time is about 15-20 minutes.  If you soak your chips, all you get is steam when what you really want is SMOKE!  Keep a spray bottle of water handy to control flare ups or close off the air supply to briefly extinguish flames. 

Propane, electricity, charcoal are all heat sources.  Your grilling chips provide the flavor.  In order to provide the smoke flavor of your favorite wood, you will need a smoker box, a stainless steel bowl, or heavy duty aluminum pie plate.   

Your propane or electric grill will have heat deflectors above your heat source.  Remove the middle deflector.  Place your container of chips directly on the heat source.  If your heat source is charcoal, simply toss your grilling chips onto the charcoal when you are ready to grill. 

As the chips begin to smoke and burn, simply place your entrée on your grill as usual.  Close the lid between flips to ensure an intense smoke infusion.  

If you cannot follow these instructions, you should not be left alone with your grill without supervision! 


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