Grilling Oval Planks in the Oven(3): Alder and Seafood

Posted at 4:42 pm on 12/19/2017 by Ken Theobald

The Alder sap when released from the grilling plank has just a hint of mint which goes so well with almost any white fish.  As well, the little bit of smoke from the alder bark is very mild, but adds a subtle flavor to the fish.

Haddock is a popular fish here in Maine, but catfish, grouper, and drum work equally as well with our Golden Alder oval planks.  I have even done a seafood medley with shrimp, scallops, and haddock nuggets on alder with great results.

Dark fish meat, such as tuna, sword fish, or mackerel is better broiled on hickory, black cherry, or pecan.

First, you must soak your grilling plank in water for at least two hours to reconstitute the plank to a near natural state.  Rub the grilling side of your plank with olive oil to prevent sticking.  Place your fish skin side down on the plank.  Put the plank(s) on a cookie sheet.

Create a dry rub of salt, pepper, and garlic granules.  One part each.  Rub the fish.  Then sprinkle a little dill and rosemary with paprika for color.  Drizzle with lemon juice.

Put the plank(s) into the broiler for approximately ten minutes.  A little longer if it is a thick cut of fish, but we do not want to overcook the fish.

Remove and serve on the plank.  Enjoy!

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