Grilling planks in the oven

Posted at 4:22 pm on 12/09/2017 by Ken Theobald
When I first told my wife that I was grilling inside tonight, her first reaction was, "not in my kitchen, you're not!"  I am sure that she envisioned her kitchen filled with smoke and even possibly her nice stove engulfed with flames!  "Not to worry," I said.  "When have I heard that before?" was her reply.  We will not go there now.

Anyway, I convinced her that grilling on wood planks in her oven was no more of an event that cooking anything else.  I decided that cooking chicken breasts on a maple oval plank was a good way to start.  I first soaked the individual planks for about two hours in water to reconstitute them to their near natural state.  Unlike grilling that flavors with smoke, grilling planks in the oven actually flavors with the moist sap with a hint of smoke.

Next, I rubbed the planks with a little olive oil to prevent sticking.  The chicken breasts where rubbed with a combination of salt, pepper, and garlic.  I placed the breasts bone side up on the planks and on a cookie sheet.
I put the pan under the broiler and closed the oven door.  My wife ran for the fire extinguisher!  All for naught!
After about ten minutes, I turned the breasts over meat side up and brushed some maple syrup on them.

The smell of the planks and chicken was so delightful in the kitchen.  After another ten minutes I shut off  the oven and removed the chicken.  I drizzled more maple syrup on them and placed them back in the oven to cure or a few minutes.

I served the chicken on the individual planks with the proper sides.

End of story.  My wife has now grilled fish, steak, poultry, and even desserts in her oven on our oval grilling planks.

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