Posted at 11:52 am on 12/18/2020
​Purchasing our bulk boxes of grilling woods and planks and packaging it in a more convenient 220 cu in zip lock back with your unique label is a lot easier than you think.  We want you to buy our wood so we are going to make the process as simple as possible with special pricing and great customer service.

This is how it is done:  First of all we want to show you your increased profits for just a little work on your part. (The examples are estimated based upon the average wholesale pricing for our DIY retailers.)

1) Wood chip cost: $2.92 per 220 cu in bag before label, bag, and shipping. 
2) Bag cost: $.10
3) Label cost: $.15
4) Total cost before freight:  $3.17
5) Average retail: $7.99  (60% Profit Margin)

Now comes the fun part to get you going:  
1) Free label Design by us.  Just send us your logo and we will do the rest. (See a sample)
2) Contacts from our best wholesalers for Bags and Labels (We supply all of the specs that you will need.
3) All you need to do is to contact Dorie at  or 800-724-5510 EXT 2to see what program that you qualify for.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy and profitable your grilling woods business can be.

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