Out The Door in Twenty Four

Posted at 12:00 pm on 08/09/2016

Out The Door in Twenty Four

"Out The Door in Twenty Four" is the new motto for the production and shipping departments of Flame Grilling Products, Inc. according to President Ken Theobald. "We have always strived to continually improve our shipping times to accommodate our restaurant customers whose menu items and business are dependent upon quick turnaround times from their suppliers. At our New Year's staff meeting we decided that out of the gate in forty-eight was not good enough." Flame Grilling Products ships wood chips, chunks, cedar planks and proprietary oval grilling planks in ten varieties including white cedar, sugar maple, black cherry, apple, mountain olive, native mesquite, hickory, white oak, beechnut, and yellow alder. According to Mr. Theobald, "offering so many varieties in the many different configurations that our restaurants demand, is a real production and shipping challenge. However, we have developed a unique small batch production philosophy that allows us to meet this challenge."

One of Flame Grilling Products' major suppliers to the restaurant trade is Food Innovations. "Several months ago, they challenged us to commit to a twenty-four hour turn around on all of their orders", says Lisa Dunn who is in charge of production and shipping. "It was quite a challenge for us but so far we have not missed a shipment." However, Lisa does admit that "we did, on a couple of occasions, have to load the company truck to speed to a UPS or FedEx pick up location to make the deadline, but so far our record is perfect."

Flame Grilling Products is a family owned business. They will be opening their Florida operation this spring to begin adding the Southern fruit and nut wood varieties to their line.

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