Why oval grilling planks?

Posted at 4:28 pm on 12/07/2017 by Kenneth Theobald
First of all, we manufacture both traditional rectangle grilling planks and our unique oval planks.  Even though the oval planks are more expensive to produce, they have found favor in the market place for two reasons.

 First and foremost is the flavor difference.  Soaking a dry plank in water for about two hours reconstitutes its natural sap flavor.  Wood is a mass of tubes running from the roots to the leaves.  When we cut our trees on a diagonal to get the oval shape, we allow the sap tubes freedom to be release their flavor across the entire plank.

Rectangle planks, while still flavorful, are cut along the grain of the wood which seals off the sap tubes.  This only allows the sap flavor to be released on each end.

The second reason for oval planks is the "WOW" factor.  Oval planks are unique to any menu and also compliment your dinnerware.  When was the last time that you served anything on a rectangle plate?

Whenever you choose oval grilling planks, you can expect some high fives or an "atta-person!"

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