Down East Maine Grilled Lobster

As a kid growing up on the Coast of Maine, digging a hole in the beach sand, building a fire, covering the fire with flat rocks, adding seaweed, lobster, fresh dug clams, and corn, then a final covering with seaweed and beach sand created the best tasting lobster on earth.

As one who loves to experiment with my gas grill and wood, I decided to attempt to recreate the great taste of a Maine Lobster bake on my grill.

My wife and I took a little ride to the coast and gathered up some fresh seaweed and of course, four lobsters right off the boat. I fired up my old grill and laid a sheet of aluminum on the grilling surface. I then lined the perimeter of the foil with our beech nut grilling chunks.

I put several inches of seaweed on the foil, added the lobsters, corn, and potatoes. I then covered the cooking surface with another layer of seaweed and closed the lid.

Twenty minutes later, I pulled a tentacle from the lobster which came away easily indicating that it was done perfectly. Oh my, oh my, oh my what a taste experience! I can never go back to boiled or steamed lobster again! Enjoy!