Collection: Pre-Soaked Grilling Chips

This is the ultimate grilling or smoking experience ever!  We have taken premium Maine wood chips and soaked them special liquor flavors for over twenty-four hours to insure complete absorption of this unique flavor.  We then immediately vacuum sealed each pouch and they are placed in our freezers until time of shipment so that they arrive in the freshest possible condition.  

When you place these specially soaked wood chips in your smoker, propane smoker box, or charcoal grill, two very unique things happen.  First of all, as the chips heat up the flavor of the unique liquor is released in the form of flavored steam.  Secondly, as your chips begin to smoke and burn, the natural flavor of the Maine wood chips infuses your entree with its delightful flavor.  The combination is something very special and will take your grilling and smoking to a whole new place.

Each pouch contains enough chips for up to two grilling or smoking events.  Or, a total of eight events per four count box.

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