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Flame Grilling Products Inc



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Flame Grilling Products is a family owned and operated grilling woods business in Maine.  We started our grilling woods business way back in 2001 by offering fresh Maine wood to the general public.  They business quickly grew to become the largest dropship vendor of grilling and smoking woods and accessories in the USA.

All of our wood is sourced sustainably by family farm wood lots within a 30 mile radius of our production facility in Brooks, Maine.  Our wood is delivered every day by the pickup or tow behind trailers loads which keeps our wood fresh.  It also supplies more than 20 independent family contractors with much needed extra income.  In the twenty odd years that we have been producing grilling woods out of Maine, thanks to our hard working families, we have never had a shortage of fresh wood for our customers.

Ken and Pam Theobald along with daughter Dorie began the business in our three story barn on the family farmstead where the business still operates today.  Ken and Pam are semi-retired while Dorie is now the President and GM of the company.  Her husband Matt oversees the production and management of our many sub-contractors.  There are grandchildren waiting in the wings to join our workforce securing our future in the business for years to come.

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