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Bulk Maine Yellow Alder Grilling Chips

Bulk Maine Yellow Alder Grilling Chips

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We are known for a lot more than our cedar grilling planks.  Our premium Maine Yellow Alder chips have a distinct winterberry smoke that goes very well with all seafood.  If you are grilling or smoking haddock, scallops, halibut, mussels or any other seafood, Maine yellow alder is your choice.  
Maine yellow alder chips do not need to be soaked before use unless you are soaking them in something other than water.  The smoke is the flavor, not the steam!
Wood chips are the best when placed in a smoker box either directly on the flame deflectors or grilling surface.  When using charcoal, toss a handful directly on the coals just before adding your entree'.
Available in 10lb and 33lb boxes with free shipping in the USA.
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