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Bulk Maine Beechnut Grilling Chunks

Bulk Maine Beechnut Grilling Chunks

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Adding  Maine Beechnut chunks to your propane or electric grilling surface will provide an aggressive nutty smoke flavor to burgers, sausages, or brats but will not overpower their natural flavor.  Customers love Maine beechnut because it is one of the most dense trees in the forest which means a stronger smoke and a longer burn.  While beechnut is common in Maine it is relatively hard to find anywhere else.  Also, Maine's short growing season insures the hardest wood and the strongest wood smoke.
Beechnut chunks are best used directly upon your propane or electric grill surface, or tossed onto a hot bed of charcoal just before you are ready to grill or smoke.
Our Maine beechnut chunks are packed in either a 15 lb box or a 45 lb box with free ground shipping in the USA
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