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Bulk Maine White Cedar Grilling Chunks

Bulk Maine White Cedar Grilling Chunks

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 Pioneers in the Maine woods where salmon and white cedar are plentiful would make a campfire using cedar logs and skewer salmon fillets on a stick letting the cedar smoke add its unique flavor to the salmon. As an aside, the cedar smoke is also a natural deterrent to biting insects. The campers won on both counts: great tasting salmon and no mosquito bites! You can duplicate this great taste on your grill by adding white cedar chunks to the grilling surface while cooking salmon on a cookie sheet or aluminum.
White cedar is only found in Maine and a few other areas in the northeastern United States and parts of Canada.  The unique smoke flavor of white cedar will add its own character to virtually meat or cheese.  
Northern white cedar chunks are packed in 15lb and 40lb boxes with free ground shipping anywhere in the USA
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