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Chardonnay Soaked Premium Cedar Oval Grilling Planks

Chardonnay Soaked Premium Cedar Oval Grilling Planks

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Most cedar grilling planks for salmon are cut, dried, shipped, and stored in a warehouse long before you get to use them.  Unfortunately soaking in water as recommended for two hours only gives you a shadow of the unique natural flavor of FRESH cut cedar planks that are delivered directly to your door.   Our fresh cut planks are immediately immersed in Chardonnay for twenty-four hours, and vacuum sealed to preserve this unbelievably delightful combination of flavors.

Cooking salmon on fresh cedar, either near an open flame or in an oven, has been around for hundreds of years.   Our unique milling process cuts the cedar into ovals which leaves the flavor pores of the wood exposed over the entire cooking surface, not just the ends and sides as you will find in rectangle boars.  Add this to the fact that our planks have never been dried and still contain all of the natural cedar sap which is enhanced by the flavor of chardonnay, your salmon entree will come alive with a whole new taste experience.

Packed four 5"x7" grilling planks per order.

Put our fresh chardonnay soaked cedar planks to the test today.  Always free shipping in the USA

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