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Bulk Maine Black Cherry Grilling Chunks

Bulk Maine Black Cherry Grilling Chunks

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The almond smoke scent of black cherry wood chunks adds a truly unique flavor to beef, especially when you are slow grilling a beef roast or brisket. If you are using your propane or electric grill simply surround your entrée with cherry chunks on the cooking surface. When using your charcoal grill, toss the chunks directly on the charcoal as well as the grilling surface. 
Our Maine black cherry wood chunks are cut approximately 3"x3" to give you a uniform burn or smoke.  Many wood chunks have a great variance in size which contributes to an uneven grilling experience.  Some will ignite immediately while others will take forever to smoke.  
We pack our Maine black cherry chunks in 15lb and 45lb boxes with free ground shipping anywhere in the USA.
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