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Bulk Maine Black Cherry Grilling Chips

Bulk Maine Black Cherry Grilling Chips

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 Maine Black Cherry’s unique almond scented smoke makes it the odds on favorite for any beef grill or smoking event. Using Maine black cherry chips on a propane or electric grill for a quick grill could not be easier. Just take a sheet of aluminum foil and prick holes in it. Add a couple of handfuls of chips and make a pouch. Set the pouch directly on the heating element and wait for it to begin to smoke. Burgers or steak grilled with black cherry is to die for!
Do not soak your Maine black cherry chips unless you desire a unique flavor with the steam before your chips begin to smoke.  Cherry bourbon is a great soaking liquid for this event.
We pack our Maine Black Cherry wood chips in 10lb and 33lb boxes with free ground shipping anywhere in the USA.
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