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Wholesale Maine High Mountain Olive Grilling Chunks

Wholesale Maine High Mountain Olive Grilling Chunks

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Our Maine high mountain olive trees are not your ordinary Olive Tree from the Middle East.  Our High Mountain Olive has adapted to the cold climate of Maine.  The produce very small Olives with a very large wood smoke for grilling lamb, beef, or poultry.  Also, our cold climate in Maine significantly shortens the growing season which makes our olive wood much more dense than traditional olive wood.  This denseness produces a much stronger and more flavorful smoke.  Grillers liken our high mountain olive to somewhere between hickory and mesquite.

Our high mountain olive chunks are relatively uniformly cut to around 3"x3" which allows for a much more predictable burn.  Most wood chunks come in various sizes in the same bag which means small chips which smoke immediately to large sizes that take forever to smoke.  Simply place our wood chunks directly on your propane or electric grilling surface or toss a few onto the charcoal just prior to starting your grill.

Our wood chunks come packed in 15lb or 45lb boxes with free ground shipping anywhere in the USA.

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