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Bulk Maine Atlantic Hickory Grilling Chunks

Bulk Maine Atlantic Hickory Grilling Chunks

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 The mild nutty flavor of our hickory takes all of the guess work out of choosing which wood is best for beef, pork, or poultry. As they say in Maine, "it's a no brain-ah!" Just add hickory chunks to your grilling surface and close the lid. When the chunks begin to smoke, grill as usual.  Or you can toss a few directly onto your charcoal just before you are ready to grill.
Infusing your burgers with a good dose of hickory smoke will get you the "WOW" factor every time.....guaranteed!  Simple rub a mixture of sea salt, restaurant black pepper, and garlic granules to both sides of your burgers.  Your meat should be the highest fat content that you can find.  80/20 is the usual.  The more fat allows the burger to stay juicy during cooking.  Sometimes the drippings will cause a little flare up which only enhances the appearance of your burger.
Just before taking the burgers off the grill, put the top of the bun on the burger first (important).  Then the bottom of the bun on top of the bun top.  Close the lid for a couple of minutes.  Then lift the bottom part of the bun off the top and spatula the burger and top onto it.  The bun will be warm and will absorb the succulent juices.   Serving a great burger should not be taken lightly! Enjoy!
Our Atlantic hickory chunks are packed in either a 15lb box or a 45lb box with free ground shipping in the USA
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