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Bulk Maine Sugar Maple Grilling Chunks

Bulk Maine Sugar Maple Grilling Chunks

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Maine sugar maple has sweetest of all smokes.  This is the same trees that are tapped each spring to capture the maple sap that is boiled to make maple syrup and candy.  Our family farms are continuously thinning their stands of maple and we are the recipients for our sugar maple chips and chunks.
 When slow grilling a ham or turkey, sugar maple chunks are easy to use on any type of grill. Just place the chunks around the edge of the grilling surface with the ham or turkey in the center. A favorite recipe is an Apple Maple Ham. Create a broth of apple juice, maple syrup, salt, pepper, and garlic. Cover the ham with apple slices and place in an aluminum roasting pan with a sheet of aluminum foil over the top. Grill or smoke for four hours at 300 F. Baste frequently.
Our Maine sugar maple chunks are packed in 15lb and 45lb boxes with free ground shipping anywhere in the USA
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