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Bulk Maine Northern Mesquite Grilling Chunks

Bulk Maine Northern Mesquite Grilling Chunks

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When is mesquite not mesquite?  The most common type of mesquite comes from the south where it grows rapidly and often.  Our northern mesquite which was transplanted back in the day grows slower and larger.  This slow growth causes a much denser wood and a much "sweeter" smoke.  Ribs, briskets, roasts, venison, wild game all taste better grilled with our Northern Sweet Mesquite Chunks.
Regardless on the type of your grill, propane, electric, or charcoal, simply place the grilling chunks around the grilling surface. Close the lid and wait for the smoke! You cannot go wrong with "Sweet Mesquite" even if you pronounce mesquite as "mesqueet" or "meskit".
Our Northern "Sweet" mesquite chunks are packed in 15lb and 45lb boxes with free ground shipping anywhere in the USA.
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