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Bulk Maine Northern Pecan Grilling Chunks

Bulk Maine Northern Pecan Grilling Chunks

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Pecan trees grow in the wild from Maine to the Carolinas. Unlike their cultivated cousins that are pruned, sprayed, and genetically engineered, wild pecan is an all natural wood just bursting with a nutty sap and smoke flavor.  In fact, the shorter growing season in the North results in a more compact wood which lends itself to a more intense and flavorful smoke.  Beef, pork, and chicken absorb the wild pecan’s sweet, rich, nutty smoke flavor very well. Wild pecan can be used for quick grills or for longer smoked savory roasts and briskets.
Our northern pecan grilling chunks can be place directly on the grilling surface or tossed onto hot charcoal just before grilling.  Our chunks are uniformly cut (about 3"x3") so that you are assured of uniform smoking.  
Our northern pecan wood chunks are packed in either 15lb or 45lb boxes with free ground shipping anywhere in the USA.
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